Jimi Hendrix- Skateboard deck- Acrylic paint

"This is my second skateboard deck art. I was commissioned to do the first and always wanted continue making them but never got started. Finally June of 2021 I made the decision. Be on the look out for more of these projects. I will be providing links for those who want to purchase their own." Wayne

Marie (2015)
Artist Wayne Williams
colored pencil

Bethany  Commission a Portrait of her brother Gary (R.I.P)

Little Zoey - Colored Pencil Portrait

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Artist Wayne W

He Love Sports

This was a fun Project. Thanks to Kevin F for trusting me 
and commissioning me to his vision on paper.
For portraits and drawings like this just call or email. The information is on the contact page.

Ivy Grose
Pencil Portrait
19x24 Bristol smooth
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Colored Pencil Portrait
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Local Hero

Colored Pencil Portrait
Artist Wayne Williams
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Susan Rogers
Mission Director of  Dorcas Ministries Inc.
Monroe, NC 28110
(established in 1968)

Dorcas Ministries provides help to individuals in the form of food, clothing, shelter, creative writing and reading workshops. Ms. Rogers also offers counseling for domestic and sexual abuse.
This portrait was commissioned by Fiona Grose (a volunteer) as a present to Susan for her hard work and dedication to those in need.
Continue the great work Ms. Rogers


Colored Pencil Portrait
Artist Wayne Williams
Monroe, NC 28110


Colored Pencil Portrait
Artist Wayne Williams
Monroe, NC 28110

Members of my “Gold Mind Art Studio” face book page will have a chance to get a colored pencil portrait drawn by Artist-Wayne Williams. The winner will receive a 14x20 portrait drawn, which is available for pick up or delivery.
The theme is “up close and personal”. 
I’m looking for close ups that stands out. It’s the beginning of a series of drawings I’ll be preparing 2012. I thought this would make a great kick off. I’ll accepting photo on the Gold Mind Art Studio page between September 9th and October 9th. You’ll have to be a member to submit a photo. A few members will help me choose the winner. The drawing is expected to be completed by the end of the year, In time for Christmas. So if you’re not linked up to Gold mind art Studio you can do so by hitting the “like” button and submit your best close up photo.

Colored Pencil Portrait
Artist Wayne Williams
Portraits for all Occasions

A Sister's Love

Keith Foster: R.I.P

Yolanda walked into Monroe Vacuums and Supplies located at 622-J W. Roosevelt Blvd Monroe NC 28110 to get a bag repaired for her Kirby Vacuum. She noticed a few Art works that lined the wall of the shop and said that she always wanted a picture drawn of her Brother, who died in 2001. The idea was to surprise her mom and present it to her on her Birthday. She returned to my store with a small wallet size picture of her brother and commissioned me draw it. I was deeply  honored. Yolanda (shown here) was excited to see the finished drawing of her Brother Keith Foster. She is already placing an order to get a drawing of her son. Thank you Yolanda.

Artist Wayne Williams- 704-776-4752

Happy Anniversary

 Tay and Kathy has been married since 2004. Tay wanted a one of a kind present for his wife and asked me to produce this beautiful drawing. Happy anniversary and enjoy your vacation.

Tay is the co-owner of Hardliners barbershop
located in the Bundy Square Plaza on hwy 74 in Monroe NC.
Next door to my shop 622 W. Roosevelt Blvd Monroe NC 28110
He did an excellent job for my son Emanuel on his graduation day. Thanks again Tay

Derek Jeter

Many of us were taught that practice makes perfect. Such a catchy cliche has been used to motivate aspiring athletes, singers and just about anyone across the globe who want to succeed. I worked with a group of motivated people for many years and they taught me that practice makes improvement......not perfect. I guess the idea came from the fact that none of us stand perfect. After starting to draw again, I'm reminded of another variation of that cliche...practice makes permanent. I think I'm, sold on the latter.
1. Practice makes perfect: If you practice something the wrong way, then you've successfully mastered it perfectly wrong.
2. Practice makes improvement: The sames goes for this saying, if you practice your craft without the proper technique, then you'll just be very good at being very bad.
3. Practice makes permanent: I'm realizing more and more that practice is important, but practicing the proper technique is vital to my improvement.

So, practice, practice, practice, but now I'm focusing on practicing the right technique, the right way with the right attitude and then I'll get my desired result.

This drawing is currently hanging in my store

Happy Anniversary

Yvette Stevenson
Yvette and Julian Stevenson are celebrating their 1 year anniversary on June 20th. And this drawing was commissioned by Julian as a present for Yvette. Congratulations
They are also the owners of Gimme-A-Cup cake 

Gimme A Cupcake serves a  wide variety of specialty cupcakes.  
They specialize in cupcakes for:
Baby Showers
Special Occasions
Located at
1730 Morgan Mill Rd at the corner of Sutherland ave. and Morgan Mill Rd
Telephone:     704-635-8737



Felicity (My first Portrait)


I found this poem on bluemondie.blogspot.com. I thought it went well with this sketch of my little Niece.

If I like it, it’s MINE
If it’s in my hand, it’s MINE
If I can take it from you, it’s MINE
If I had it a little while ago, it’s MINE
If it’s mine it must NEVER appear to be yours in any way
If I’m doing or building something, all the pieces are MINE
If it looks just like mine, it’s MINE
If I saw it first it’s MINE
If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes MINE
If it’s broken, it’s YOURS